Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

We will proceed with the execution of your delivery task upon your having successfully placed a request. Should you thereafter wish to modify the delivery task, you may incur additional charges for such modification. Such additional charge shall be calculated on the basis of the change in the distance, time taken to complete such task or the size of the delivery package. In case you request to cancel the task, you may incur a part of or the entire fee depending on the time and effort put in by Million Riders towards the Service.

We may not be able to process any requests for cancellation after the Goods have been picked up from the Pick-Up Point. In such an event, Million Riders will return the Goods to the Pick-Up Point, towards which the entire fee chargeable for the original scheduled delivery of Goods along with the inconvenience fee towards the reverse delivery to the Pick-Up Point will become payable.

We will attempt the delivery of the Goods to the Drop Point, and if such delivery is unsuccessful on the first attempt, the Goods will be returned to the Pick-Up Point, in which case the charges as mentioned in the paragraph above will become applicable. If we are unable to return the Goods to the Pick-Up Point due to unavailability of the Sender, and if the Recipient or the Sender fails to take delivery of the Goods within a  specific period, such Goods will be deemed as unclaimed, and we have the right to sell such goods without any further notice to the User, Recipient or the Sender. 

We will retain a sum equal to the unpaid fee towards the delivery, charges for storage of Goods, and any inconvenience fee as may be applicable, in the event we proceed to sell the Goods after a specific period

We may need to cancel your request in any of the circumstances below:

  1. in the event of the Pick-Up Point or Drop Point following outside the service zone offered by us;
  2. if in our discretion the Goods violate applicable laws, standards, and/or regulations or may offend taste and decency in the relevant jurisdiction;
  3. inability to proceed/complete the task due to lack of information, direction, or authorization from you;
  4. if Million Riders Rider has to wait for over 15 minutes for you or your Sender and/or Receiver to complete the pickup or drop for any reason including the Rider’s inability to contact you or your Sender and/or Receiver; or inability to complete the task due to reasons beyond our control such as force majeure events.
  5. Providing refunds in the aforesaid circumstances is the sole discretion of Million Riders, and such refunds may be provided only when the fee has been paid by the User in advance i.e. amount paid. Our decision on refunds shall be final and binding. All refunds shall be processed and credited to your account in accordance with the terms that may be stipulated by the partner payment merchant and/or associated bank.
  6. Million Riders charges on per pcs basis and are charged on the distance basis, In case you want to send bulk deliveries, Million Riders reserve the right to refuse or agree to provide services depending upon the availability of riders and vehicles, Million Riders reserve the rights to charge a bulk fee for bulk deliveries.
  7. During peak hours in a day and festivals, special days, Million Riders reserve the right to levy the surge amount

For any disputes or questions, please write to us at