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Biker jobs
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If Biking is your passion & you don't mind earning an extra income to continue your passion.

  • On spot payments
  • Right of choice
  • Be your own boss
Hyperlocal Delivery service
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If Local Deliveries Are worrying you and stopping your business form expanding.

  • Optimise your expenses
  • Better delivery management
  • Biker ratings

Get ready to experience smarter operations

Solution for ecommerce and newly born hyper-local deliveries


Technology is our best friend on our service, we strongly believe that without proper technological support it is impossible to satisfy customer’s requirement and scale high.


Million Minds long standing knowhow on manpower procurement has helped to select best of lot Bikers for the industry. Our stringent recruitment process.


Each and every biker is appointed only after proper back ground verifications through professional agencies. Thus you can be rest assured of the safety of your products.

Delivery Services in Delhi NCR

What is Million-Rider?

  • Million-Riders is a unique innovation of Million Minds Management services Ltd under Flexi work force which offers speedy, proficient and 100% customized logistic solution of bike riders.
  • Understanding customer's volume and requirement.
  • Actual requirement of fleet of Bikers.
  • Accessing number of days and working hours.
  • Evaluating Cost, average distance covered and need of technology.
  • Proposal submission as per analysis.
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Local deliveries are complicated enough.
Your software doesn't need to be.

Streamline your system

Maximize efficiency with simple,
automated communication.

Delight your customers

Keep customers engaged and
informed from door to door.

Make better decisions

Empower your business with rich
data and actionable insights.

Many of companies trust Million Riders to efficiently manage their local deliveries.